Telecommunications and Cable Television

Christian & Barton has been a leading law firm in representing competitive telecommunications providers before the Virginia State Corporation Commission. Our lawyers regularly appear in administrative proceedings before the SCC, both in generic proceedings and in individual cases involving specific providers.

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We have also assisted in the negotiation of interconnection agreements with incumbent telephone companies and represented clients in litigation before the SCC, as well as the state and federal courts, regarding interpretation of such agreements.

We also regularly assist competitive telecommunications providers in obtaining compliance and regulatory approvals for certificates and other matters involving their tariffs and services.

Christian & Barton has represented individual cable television operators in Virginia for more than 30 years, and represents the Virginia Cable Telecommunications Association (VCTA), a state association of cable television operators on matters including franchise agreements, franchise renewals, disagreements as to local franchise compliance, easement and access issues, tax disputes, pole attachment agreements and regulatory disputes, legislative matters, and in state and federal regulatory and rulemaking proceedings.  Our attorneys are familiar with state and federal laws and regulations affecting cable television.

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