Large-Scale Energy Customers and the Potential Value of Becoming an Accelerated Renewable Energy Buyer

The Virginia Clean Economy Act (VCEA), passed by the General Assembly in 2020, in part incentivizes commercial, industrial, educational, health care, governmental and other large-scale energy customers to move toward renewable energy by becoming Accelerated Renewable Energy Buyers (ARBs).

Customers that become ARB certified, depending on their ARB designation, stand to avoid potentially significant, increasing costs on their monthly bills associated with utilities’ new supplies of solar, on-shore wind, and energy storage facilities, as well as the retirement of renewable energy certificates and other costs of VCEA compliance.

C&B energy attorneys Tim McCormick and Dannieka McLean recently co-authored “Why Large Electricity Consumers Should Become Accelerated Renewable Energy Buyers,” an article that provides an introductory overview of ARBs, customer eligibility, and the certification process. It appeared in the Winter 2021-2022 issue of the Virginia Bar Association Young Lawyers Division newsletter, Opening Statement, and can be read here.

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