First Quarter Planning for 2023

Make a resolution to review your estate plan and confirm important information is available to a family member or trusted friend in the event of an emergency or death.

While not all inclusive, the following information should be reviewed then communicated to your designated contact. Where access to an account is online, provide usernames, passwords and security question answers with account information.

For example, typical information includes:

  • Location of original will, power of attorney, advance medical directive and trusts
  • Bank account numbers and the location of statements together with the location of your safe deposit box, box number and key
  • Brokerage account numbers and contact information for the account manager
  • Information on any individually held stock, including the location of the original certificate(s)
  • Retirement account numbers and the location of the statements
  • Life insurance information including the name of the company and policy number(s)
  • Vehicle information including the location of the original title, insurance policy number and contact information, and any applicable loan information
  • Information regarding real estate ownership including the mortgage company name, account number and contact information, together with homeowner’s insurance company name and account number
  • Information on any funeral arrangements or other burial information (funeral wishes, cemetery information, plot ownership, etc.)
  • The location of tax returns for the prior three years with accountant’s contact information
  • List of tangible personal property to go to specific people, if applicable
  • Credit card information with name of the company and account number
  • Information regarding electronic documents stored on a computer, tablet or phone, together with device and document usernames, security codes and passwords
  • Private key information and instructions for any cryptocurrency account
  • Medical information including physician contact and prescription list
  • The location of household keys and cash in hidden places (books, freezer, under the mattress, etc.)

A friend recently referred to January resolutions as a “to do” list. With that in mind, using each New Year as an annual reminder to collect, verify and communicate personal information to a designated contact will help ease the stress and anxiety caused by life’s difficult situations.

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Elizabeth M. Horsley
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