Commercial and Real Estate Lending

Christian & Barton has for many years represented lenders who extend credit to businesses secured by real estate, accounts receivable, inventory, equipment, securities and fixed assets. We have the expertise to document and close any type of commercial or real estate loan, to ensure that lenders have legally enforceable liens on all collateral, and to assist them in enforcing their rights in the event of default.

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Our lawyers keep abreast of the complex factors applicable to secured lending, to help assure that lenders are not exposed to liability in extending credit facilities to their business customers.

To protect the legal interests of financial institutions engaged in secured lending transactions, it is not enough just to ensure that lenders have expertly drafted loan and security agreements and supporting documentation. It is crucial to examine every possible way to reduce the risk of lender liability by keeping abreast of the most recent developments in court decisions and statutory laws affecting such liability.

We also advise lenders in workouts and bankruptcy proceedings, and often help them find ways to restructure existing credit facilities.

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